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Program Overview

Pricing - USD 4,000

(Payment plans available)

Forever Benefits

Lifetime Certification

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Growth

3 Stages of Progress

Formal Learning

Mentorship Program

Coaching Project


7 - 9 Months (Avg.)

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For the first time, we are opening our classroom doors to the general public. Register for a free introductory course and learn to apply the foundational elements of Stakeholder Centered Coaching® in your own coaching right away.

One size does NOT fit all.

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Empower leaders. Measure results.

Give the gift of structured development to become a trusted advisor to clients and their stakeholders.

Our Unique Training Process

Research suggests that learning is very context-dependent — the closer that learning occurs to the point of usage, the more impactful the learning is. So when it comes to sustainably developing knowledge, learning-by-doing is more impactful when combined with formal training and mentorship. That is why we adopted the 70/20/10 framework into our learning process.

Stage 1

Formal (e)Learning

Learn the core elements that make Stakeholder Centered Coaching® an exceptionally effective methodology. You'll learn the guiding principles of SCC, our proprietary 5-step coaching approach, how to implement for impact.

Stage 2

Mentorship Program

Join weekly live-facilitated Coaching Labs as we explore real leadership challenges from real coaching engagements. Learn the 7 most important skills of a behavioral coach and get targeted feedback from expert coaches on your performance.

Stage 3

Coaching Project

Demonstrate your expertise in a 6-month coaching engagement practicum. Use everything you’ve learned to acquire and coach a leader to measurably improve their leadership. Measure your impact using the world famous Mini-Survey™ tool used by Marshall Goldsmith.

Coaching Excellence

Award-Winning Program Design

Our program is built to fully satisfy the 70/20/10 model of adult learning. Mentor coaches support the learn-by-doing approach to create a uniquely transformative experience. Our program and facilitators have won numerous awards including World’s #1 Coach Training Program, #1 Executive Coach, and #1 Coach Trainer. Learn from the best to become the best.

Highest Standards of Quality​

Refine your skills with personalized weekly feedback on your coaching performance in the live facilitated Coaching Labs. Then have your skills assessed using the industry’s most rigorous coaching assessment. Embark on a 6-month coaching project to demonstrate measurable impact using the gold-standard measurement tool, the Mini-Survey™, to earn your certification.​

Join an Engaged Community​

Connect with other coaches in monthly events such as the Founder’s Q&A, CEO’s Office Hours, and monthly Community calls to check-in with each other. Collaborate with others to improve your coaching skills in weekly Coaching Labs and Skill Practice Sessions. Co-create content with other experts such as co-publishing case studies, research papers, and developing new coaching intelligence.​

Begin Your Journey To Become A World-Class Executive Coach

Our dedicated Program Advisors are ready to answer any questions you have and help determine the best course of action for you. The only question is, now that you know what you want and how to achieve it, are you ready to start your journey to success?

Powerful Accreditation

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of participation from Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching®. You will also receive 36 ICF CCEs to support your accreditation journey.

This certification will help boost your credibility, build your brand, and enhance your coaching skills - allowing you to become our partner in measurably improving leadership around the World.

What you get...

Join the community no matter where you are

Our Community is growing — and we need you. Our coaches are shaping leadership practices at top organizations in 110+ countries. No matter where you’re from, no matter where you are, and no matter where you’re going — there’s a place for you here.

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Trusted by top companies

Our process is used by executives in one-in-three Fortune500 companies.

Involve Stakeholders​

Measure Impact​

Guarantee Results​


To sign up, all you must do is fill and submit this payment form. The program costs 4000 USD which you can settle in a lump sum or in 2 to 10 monthly installments with an extra cost of 15 USD per installment.

Payments via Paypal or wire transfer are possible (lump  sum only, no installments), please send an email with your request to

As soon as you sign up, you will receive full access to the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® eLearning Fundamentals, on our best-in-class eLearning platform. 

You will navigate through roughly 12 hours of training dependent on your own learning style. The course is easy to understand and consists of 4 modules and lessons filled with great short videos. From this experience you will learn in depth how to coach leaders like Marshall Goldsmith, recognized as the #1 leadership coach in the World.

Built to accommodate your objectives and time requirements, this first stage of your certification will allow you to navigate through the modules at your own pace. You can start anytime and set your own deadline for completion.

After learning the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® methodology, you will practice your coaching with 7 Skill Practice sessions (or Coaching Labs).

These will be 90-minute Zoom sessions scheduled one per week over approximately two months, where you will work with 3-18 international coaches under the mentoring of 2 coaches certified and experienced..

We start a new cycle every 8 weeks, or sooner depending on demand. The sessions are now scheduled every Tuesday at 8am and 9pm US Pacific Time. You can attend either session, morning or evening, based on your preference.

The requirement to obtain your certification is to attend and complete all of the 7 sessions, which can be completed in any order and over the course of several cycles (if you miss a session, you will be able to catch the next time it takes place).  

Each session includes a preparatory work prior to the call (explanatory video to watch + session handout containing real-life scenarios), a 10 minute session introduction, a 50 minute rehearsal in breakout groups of 3, a 20 minute debrief to share learnings, receive insights plus tips, a 10 minute Q&A, and a post-Completion assignment accompanied by a coaching demo video.

The themes the next cycle of sessions are:

1 – Contracting for Coaching
2 – Behavioral Goal Setting
3 – Behavioral Rehearsal
4 – Action Planning
5 – After Action Assessment
6 – Behavioral Reinforcement
7 – Debriefing the Mini-Survey

You can check the next dates here

At any time after starting the Mentorship Program,  you must apply your knowledge and skill through a 6-month real-life coaching engagement with a leader that you have secured, in either a paid or pro bono setting, where you will use the process you have acquired. At the end you will measure your coaching impact using our proprietary tool (the Mini Survey) which provides concrete evidence of your ability to help leaders improve their leadership skills & behavior.

If you need assistance or anytime you have a question, you can send our support team a message through a dedicated mailbox. The speed of the response will depend on the volume of messages received.

A community function is also at your disposal in your e-Learning Dashboard, which allows you to seek the help of your peers.

Every month, you will be invited to a Community meeting, to Office Hours for Q&A and more.

The universal and long-sought certificate will be delivered straight to your inbox after you:

– Complete the 4 modules of Stakeholder Centered – Coaching® eLearning Fundamentals
– Complete the Mentorship Program after attending the 7 Skill Practice sessions
– Complete the 6-month Coaching Project with a – Mini-Survey average score of at least +1 that demonstrates your leader has improved in his leadership skills and behavior

This really depends ultimately on your courage, humility and discipline, but on average, the duration would be 7 to 9 months.

This program includes 36 ICF CCE credits if you are a current member of the International Coaching Federation (27 for core competencies + 9 for resource development).

We are firm believers in simplicity. This is a strength of our methodology and is a benefit to you as a coach. Our certifications are issued for life. There will never be additional fees nor additional training required to remain a certified coach. We do, however, expect every coach representing our network to live up to our guiding principles.

With Stakeholder Centered Coaching®, the more you coach with success, the higher you go.

You can climb the certification ladder and advance your coach status over time to become part of the elite SCC Master Coaches.

The requirements to earn higher credentials are:

– To have coached 5 leaders during 6 months each post-certification (for the Advanced level), and another 6 leaders during 6 months each (for the Master level), so a total of at least 12 engagements.
-No leader can be coached twice
-All leaders should come from at least 3 different organizations
-The success of each engagement should be measured by our Mini-Survey and validated each time by an average score of at least +1

Certified SCC coaches receive access to the Mini Survey at a preferential rate: 95 USD per survey (or 80 USD per survey for a purchase of at least 10 surveys).

The Mini-Survey is an end-to-end service delivered by our team and 1 survey stands for 1 report, 1 leader, 2 leadership development goals and 3 to 12 stakeholders.

To request a Mini-Survey, to receive a sample report, or to ask how the process works, please send an email to or

Over the course of the certification program, every learner can expect to receive a public coach profile to be featured on our website, a Coach’s Portal access where you will find numerous coaching resources and templates, additional trainings (“How I Sell SCC to C-Level Clients” for instance) and more.

You love the idea of Stakeholder Centered Leaders and want to implement it with a key team or department for your coaching clients? Bring together a team (in person or virtually) to implement the SCC process to create a personal leadership goal and a shared team goal. Here is a free video of Marshall Goldsmith himself describing this high impact technique.

You love our methodology and want to have in-house experts leading the charge within the organization? We host internal certifications onsite, online, and eLearning for HR professionals, team leaders, and line managers. You can also receive an additional 6-months of hands-on mentorship with a Master Coach to shorten the learning curve and expedite coaching implementation. For a detailed consultation, please send an email to

We recommend that you check these 2 great webinars:

– How we sell Stakeholder Centered Coaching® to C-Level clients: Watch Video
– Leading and managing remotely (and the mistakes remote leaders make that hurt their teams and themselves in the process): Watch Video

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Established in 1987, for more than 30 years we’ve been pioneering the coaching field and paving the way for those who came after us. Our coaching process is the culmination of decades of research and development with more than 250,000 individuals from the world’s top organizations. Now you can benefit from the growth-guarantee that took us years to perfect.

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