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Although we’re giving away our most valuable ideas about coaching and leadership, we’re not giving away certifications. In a world where anyone can call themselves a coach, there is enduring value in earned credentials - they create trust. While we encourage nearly every coach to get certified, we want you to have this wisdom regardless.

"We believe every person deserves a Stakeholder Centered Leader."

We are the world’s leading experts on executive coaching.

For more than 30 years we’ve been pioneering the coaching field and paving the way for those who came after us. Our coaching process is so powerful that we guarantee improvement for our clients. Now you can, too. Learn what took us decades to perfect.

4,500 coaches in 110 countries

30+ years pioneering the industry

Coaching in 65 languages

100% Guaranteed Improvement

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Join the co-founders
as they share 18 modules of wisdom divided into 4 main topics:



Learn the core elements that make Stakeholder Centered Coaching® an exceptionally effective methodology. You'll learn the guiding principles of SCC, our proprietary 5-step coaching approach, how to implement for impact.



Here you'll learn how to identify the best clients. We'll uncover 3 key beliefs sets of the type of leaders you'll want to coach and introduce 5 specific cases where SCC will NOT work.



Once you understand the coaching process and the ideal client profile, you'll learn the prerequisites for success and how to ensure a meaningful engagement. We'll also introduce you to 7 Behavioral Coaching Skills every coach must master.



If that wasn't enough, we'll also be sharing pre-recorded coaching sessions, private Master Coach interviews, and a replay from one of our Certified Coach Mentorship Programs.

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How your life will be different after the course:

Better Coach

"If there is just one coaching certification you are looking to do this year, this is the one!"

-Patricia Guerreiro, Portugal

Better Leader

"One client remarked, "I've become more than a better leader - I'm now a better husband and father."

-Emily Chipman, USA

Better Client Selection

"I am now able to determine if a client will be a dream or become a nightmare."

-James Pereira, Malaysia

Involve Stakeholders

"Now my coaching is so impactful that seven recent stakeholders expressed interest in becoming a client."

-Andreas Pratanos, Saudi Arabia


"The course has been one of the most fulfilling moments in my life."

- Philip Muthami,

Executive Coach, Kenya

"This was one of the best training experiences I ever had."

- Tatjana Lukic
Corporate Sales at Microsoft,


"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire program from beginning to end."

- Bernard Wong
Former VP at Lubrizol Chemical, USA

"I would recommend the program without hesitation to anyone wanting to get ahead in the leadership, coaching, and management sectors."

- Frank Tsuro,

Leadership Coach South Africa

"I have been a leadership coach for 35 years. SCC gives me advantages and commercial success in my coaching better than any other model."

- Dr. Phil Merry

Leadership Coach, Singapore

"The fact that you. managed to provide so many key messages in multiple kinds of resources helped me anchor with what was most important."

- Marianthi Karatza

Sr. Consultant at Human Tech, Greece

"You have definitely over-delivered on expectations. It was also my first time in online training and it was much more interactive than I thought it would be."

- Canco Juan Carlos Ruiz,

Former HR Manager at Tahoe Resources, Guatemala

"MGSCC is the most powerful process for behavioral coaching I have ever come across. The training team is very supportive all the way through."

- Dolores Sarrion
Former HR Director @ Kellogg & PepsiCo, Spain

"This certification program is worth its weight in gold. It is a valuable tool for leadership development. Hats off to the entire certification team!"

- Dan Norenberg
Executive Coach, Germany

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  • 30+ training videos across 18 modules of learning
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