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For more than 20 years, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® have built the coaching industry with our unique approach to leadership development and quantifiable results in coaching. 

Our main goal is to help successful leaders achieve positive and sustainable change in their behavior for themselves and their stakeholders. Last year, our co-founder and Master Coach Chris Coffey was the world’s #7 Global Coaching Guru (2021). While MGSCC® was dubbed as the world’s #1 Coaching Development Program by Global Gurus — all thanks to you. 

Now, with your support, we would like to reach #1 for both in this year’s award season.

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Chris Coffey has worked alongside Marshall Goldsmith for more than 3 decades. As the co-founder and the brains behind the highly impactful Stakeholder Centered Coaching®, he is deeply passionate about helping leaders achieve and sustain outstanding results in leadership. 

Known for being highly charismatic, Chris provides a rare combination of being entertaining and having a no-nonsense approach, making him uniquely capable of working with “hard-nosed” leaders. His purpose in coaching is to impart his extensive knowledge and skills to help leaders improve their behavior and understand how it will positively impact both their professional and personal lives.

Your support for Chris and MGSCC® will be proof of our contribution to the leadership coaching industry — something very important for us. It will demonstrate the unity and power of our global community when it comes to helping leaders in pursuing continuous improvement and transformation. 

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Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Certification Workshop is a powerful executive coaching process that is highly effective in helping coaching maximize their potential. The combination of real-live coaching practice, training, and self-paced guided eLearning courses allows coaches to get the most out of SCC®. Throughout the certification process, our skills are put to test by dealing with difficult situations that might occur during coaching — preparing us for the real thing. We will also have an MGSCC®-certified mentor that will provide guidance and support throughout our 6-month coaching project with a leader where we can apply the learnings we gained from SCC® in real life. 


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